Step 1

Enjoy a 1 hour health screening and receive an immediate, personalised health report

Step 3

Come back in 4 months and see how your health has improved

Step 2

Take action and make changes to your diet and lifestyle

Why should you get a screening?


Experts say that most cases of premature death are completely preventable if people adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Cancer Research UK says that an unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of a third of all cancers.

“The Soza Health assessment is an illuminating experience. Quick, non-invasive and radically thorough, the screening harnesses the benefits of leading-edge technology to provide detailed biometric feedback. All measurements are made using FDA-approved, industry standard equipment, so by the time I received my results I felt totally confident in their accuracy. The report is immediate, and extremely comprehensive, with useful guidance on how to address red flags. I was very impressed, and grateful that I got the heads up on a Read more “An illuminating experience!”

Bevan Rees
Mindful Revolution

“The screening was a very positive experience from beginning to end. The communication and preparation before the test was very professional with regular updates and precise instructions for what to do on the day of the screening. My clinician (Tricia) was super friendly and knowledgeable, informing me on the different tests we were running through and which measurements they provided for my health. The equipment was state of the art and every test was done quickly and efficiently. After the Read more “A very positive experience!”

Steven Heyman
Yoga Works

‘I have always lead, what I believed to be, a healthy lifestyle. Highly active, healthy appetite, lots of sleep, a good work/life balance. Going for an in-depth Soza Health screening was an eye opener, as the screening revealed that my body was showing signs of increased risk of illness before I was experiencing any symptoms. The Soza screening helps to identify potential areas of risk, and provides a plan to modify diet and lifestyle choices. It focuses on preventative medicine, Read more “The Uber eats for health screenings”

Margaret Brink

‘We all know “what gets measured gets improved”. Getting your overall health realistically measured has been a real mission until now. Soza health has a clever way to get an overall health score that is not only useful to know but also gives you solutions and tips. It’s also presented in an easy to understand dashboard format. I would recommend you get your heath checked ASAP, health is true wealth!’

Wayne Kaminsky

‘Having been tested at Soza Health was quite an experience. All the tests performed were explained properly and results / outcomes were clear. Taking ownership of your health is a daily commitment and I have implemented some of the suggestions in my report. It is too soon to tell the difference but I am grateful for the benefit of knowing. Thank you Clint.’

Dawie Griesel

My SOZA screening was an exceptionally positive experience altogether. I found the process to be carried out extremely professionally, from beginning to end. Communications and instructions leading up the screening were clear and easy to follow, as were those following on from the appointment. I had the privilege of being screened by Tricia Liebenberg who handled the process with care, sensitivity, and warmth. I found the individual screening processes to be non-invasive, and was deeply impressed by the technology. The report itself is highly specific Read more “Very helpful information”

Anna Donald
Mindful Revolution

Having completed the SOZA Health screening recently a lung function issue was identified as an area of concern. While I am aware of most of my health issues this was a surprise and had gone undetected, probably for many years. Dr Tricia Liebenberg who did the screening noted at the time that this lung function issue could be easily dealt with. I made an appointment with Dr Tricia to deal with the problem. She prescribed an inexpensive stem cell treatment which I completed in Read more “I’m impressed!”

Nick Stevenson

I had the test done by Clinton Smith of Soza Health and was pretty sure I would receive a good healthy low percentage in the report. After a very interesting process of being tested in various ways with various gadgets applied I received the report immediately. I was surprised and even a bit shocked that my score was pretty high, but when I looked deeper into it I was very impressed with what had been revealed. It was very accurate in highlighting areas that Read more “Very impressed”

Rob Harrewyn
Harrewyn Organics